(Press release, 12 Feb 2020)

During the 13th edition of the Economic Forum, which was held in Rzeszow (Poland) on 4th-5th February 2020, in the panel European Integration and Reforms on the theme “A chance for the Carpathian Macro region: Environment, Heritage, Society” the Reduces project on Circular Economy under the Interreg Europe program was presented to the panelists and interested participants to the forum.

In the presentation about Maramures County and the projects under implementation made by the representative of International Relations Office, Gheorghe Paul Szaniszlo, project “Reduces” has aroused a vivid interest, especially on the status-quo of the regions and the good practices that will be exchange between the regions.

The participants, among them Aron Szakacs, Director of Joint Technical Secretariat of the HUSKROUA ENI CBC Programme 2014-2020 and Grzegorz Biedron, president of Malopolska Tourist Organization from Poland appreciated the work presented on the Reduces project. They underlined that through projects on Circular Economy and environment and climate change, in general, there can be ways to take more care about the environment problems in E.U. countries.

The main conclusion of the panel was that accelerating the development of the Carpathian macro region and regions in general, requires deeper and stronger cooperation and there is a need to broaden knowledge about environment and heritage in the E.U.

The Europe-Ukraine Economic Forum, organized since 2007, is one of the key events organized by the Warsaw-based Institute for Eastern Studies. Over 800 participants from Poland, Ukraine and other Eastern Partnership countries, the EU and the US, including government members, politicians, executives, regional officials, representatives of international organizations and think tanks met to discuss different topics in dedicated panels.

REDUCES is a project that supports the improvement of regional development policies by promoting business models in the field of sustainable circular economy in six European regions by involving and influencing decision-makers. REDUCES enhances the collaboration and exchange of knowledge between regions.