At the end of 2019, on 18 December, we organized the second key stakeholder meeting in the region of Utrecht (NL). We started by talking through the planning of the project, especially the next deadlines and events. In March, at the meeting in Valencia, we will be presenting an interesting case study on product-life extension and the organizations involved are looking forward to welcome the international partners in May 2020 in Utrecht.

During the meeting the main focus was on two subjects: 1) the applicability of our suggested monitoring and evaluation framework and 2) the selected case studies.

With regard to the monitoring and evaluation framework we had a vivid discussion about to pros and cons of relating the framework to the Sustainable Development Goals. It was concluded that the SDG’s are useful because different countries, regions and companies already apply them. Even though, caution is needed, because the indicators seem to lack validation. The stakeholder group therefore supports our aim to add indicators, specifically on circular economy.

Based on the Sitra framework of Business Model for a Circular Economy we talked about exemplary businesses in and around Utrecht. Several good cases were suggested and these gave a good basis for selecting our case studies on product-life extension, renewability, product as a service, sharing platforms, and resource efficiency and recycling.

This time, the meeting was held at The Green House (Utrecht), a good example of a circular business in a circular building. It was an inspiring location and we are happy to make use of it again for the next meeting. In March, next to our partner from the City of Utrecht, one of the key stakeholder will be representing the region of Utrecht at the interregional meeting in Valencia.