On 21st May 2021, a working session was attended by representatives of the Regional Ministry of Housing and entities and experts from different fields to discuss about the main topics related to Sustainability and Circular Economy to be included in and regulated by the new and improved policy instrument (DC-09 Decree).

Some singular and emblematic building projects were presented, such as the Espai Verd building in Valencia, which includes some aspects related to sustainability, such as the inclusion of landscaped spaces inside the building and a circuit to promote physical exercise. The building also has spaces that can be bought/sold as users’ capacity needs change. Some of the difficulties encountered during construction, related to licensing, were discussed.

It was also mentioned aspects related to sustainability that are included in other regional regulations in Spain, especially related to the inclusion of green spaces, water saving systems, equipment for recharging electric vehicles, space for bicycle parking, automation of lighting systems in public spaces, architectural elements that provide a sustainable response to climate requirements, etc.

Vicente Cerdán, from Valencia Institute of Building highlighted the need to introduce some of the learnings gained through REDUCES project related to the introduction of aspects related to Circular Economy and Resource Efficiency (energy, water, land, built spaces), but adding also indoor air quality and biohabitability considerations. It is especially important to reduce the consumption of resources during the construction and use of the building (useful life), proposing a circular system: build, repair, replace...., but also facilitating and promoting more sustainable patterns of use, by products and equipment that are easy to clean and accessible for maintenance, and the provision of storage spaces, including for the proper management of waste by users.

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Valencia Institute of Building
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