On 28th January 2021, an online open meeting was held for the presentation of the recently created commission that will be in charge of revising the DC-09 decree that regulates the design and quality conditions of accommodation buildings in the Valencian Community. The session was organised by the Second Vice-presidency of the Regional Government and Regional Ministry of Housing and Bioclimatic Architecture and the Valencia Institute of Building.  

This commission aims to provide a forum for debate so that, from the beginning, the regulation is participated in by all sectors affected and takes into account all opinions. During the conference, the main aspects to be considered were presented, taking into account the approaches set out in the new international agendas, such as the challenges of cities decarbonisation, the inevitable green and digital transition, the sensitivity towards the new needs and lifestyles of people along their lives, the healthiness of the spaces we inhabit, and the essential transition towards a circular economy.   

In relation to this last aspect, the main strategies to be taken into account to promote the construction and especially the renovation of buildings under circular economy criteria were shown, thus promoting more sustainable and circular ways of living. Also examples of new and innovative initiatives and companies operating under circular economy criteria, identified during the development of the REDUCES project, and implemented in the participating regions of the project, which will inspire changes and modifications in the concerned regulation were also displayed.  

All the stakeholders attending the conference were able to ask questions and make proposals on the topics discussed, but the idea is that during the development process all stakeholders can participate through the sectoral commissions that will be created to deal with specific issues and which will validate the draft that will be used to initiate the process for the publication of the new regulation.  

The session can be viewed on replay via this link.

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