The event was the first for REDUCES Manchester in partnership with the Manchester Circular Economy Club.

The event was held to start planning for the development of the Greater Manchester REDUCES Action Plan and included:

  • A presentation of the key issues identified by the Status Quo Report for Greater Manchester
  • Presentations of 2 GM Case Studies (Stitched Up and Waste Logics)
  • A discussion on how our identified cases can help address the Status Quo findings
  • A poll of attendees to identify the key areas for future action required to assist in the identification of priority for actions in the Regional Action Plan (RAP) 

32 participants confirmed that the following areas required further attention and consideration for proposed actions:

  • Training and Skills
  • Funded Business Support
  • Business Networking Opportunities
  • Data and Logistics Support
  • Financial Support
  • Policy/Regulatory Frameworks
  • End users/consumers 

Following the event a survey has been sent to delegates and wider members of the Manchester Circular Economy Club to examine the particular issues that need attention within each of the above headings.

The survey will lead to a concentration of efforts in early 2021 to identify the key actions for inclusion in the RAP and we will then identify the key Good Practices from the REDUCES pool of cases to transfer into Greater Manchester as we develop our Action Plan.

Russell Yates
Manchester Metropolitan University
[email protected]