On Wednesday 9th of October the Pilot Action Day of the Rebus project was held at the ARRR Del Viale Belfiore in Florence, aimed at stimulating virtuous behaviour by users of public buildings.

The introductory interventions were: 

 Sergio Gatteschi (presentation of the Pilot Action)

 Valerio Marangolo (the strategies of the Tuscany Region for efficiency and the new behavioral code)

 Annamaria Telino (the importance of virtuous behavior for energy efficiency)

 Claudio Gherardini and Elena Ceroni, (communication and the possible tools)

A good debate was developed, with an interactive session, in which, with post-it and flipchart, four questions were asked: 

• Can the officer and technicians of municipalities organize energy teams in their offices?

• What are the obstacles that they believe must be overcome to change behavior?

• What would they like there to be in the information materials, and which in their opinion could they be the most suitable? (facebook page, blog, email, billboards, whatsapp. etc.)

• How could the virtuous behavior and commitment of the participants be gratified? (awards for the most efficient, themed meetings, public rankings of the results obtained ...)

The answers were fairly homogeneous: there is appreciation for the initiative and a desire for greater commitment on the part of political decision makers.

The action will continue with the concerted editing of the material to be disseminated and with the thematic meetings already planned.