The main aim of the REBUS Mid-term Dissemination Event, titled “Well designed settlements and buildings for significant savings" was the introduction of the REBUS project and one of the core results, the "ENERGY RENOVATION PATH" (in short the ERP), which is a guide that supports public sector representatives and experts to apply energy efficiency measures in their public building renovations in planning, implementation, monitoring and capacity building.  

The guide will be available on the website of the Agency both in English and Hungarian versions by the end of March 2019.  

Further topics were:  
Long-term Sustainable Energy Action Planning for settlements and related practical examples gained through the HORIZON 2020 - EMPOWERING project (another project managed by BORA 94 Nonprofit LLC); 

The planning and implementation experiences of the policy instrument* targeted by REBUS project, which finances municipalities who intend to renovate their public buildings in an energy efficient way;   
the importance of influencing behavioural change (especially in cases of decision-makers) through effective awareness raising activities;

and last, but not least, financial possibilities for municipalities (e.g. ESCO contracts). 

*Territory and Settlement Development Operational Programme, Priority 3.2.1 (TSDOP)

Mainly public sector representatives from local municipalities dealing with TSDOP-3.2.1 funded projects, the Managing Authority and the Local Stakeholder Group members have attended the event.