The Energy Renovation Path (ERP) is a guide that intends to positively influence strategic decisions of public policy makers dealing with energy efficiency renovations in public buildings. The ERP collects experiences from Good Practices identified within the REBUS partnership, including useful tips and guidelines on planning, implementing and monitoring renovation works in public buildings. The goal of the ERP is to help improve energy performance in order to save energy and thus save money to invest in services for citizens. 

The Energy Renovation Path (ERP) Guide document is essentially a condensed version of the ERP Full Report, but refers to the ERP Full Report for those readers that require further information on conducting energy efficiency renovations in their regions. The ERP Guide is a much easier read and has been technically concentrated so that many of the non-technical stakeholders and networks can use the document confidently. 

(both documents can be reviewed in the Library folder REBUS Energy Renovation Path)

The main target groups of the ERP are local administration, contractors, building managers and staff responsible for building maintenance, and building end users. Both the ERP Guide and ERP Full Report are currently being translated into Italian, Swedish, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian and Greek.