The workshop series organised by Bora 94 Nonprofit LLC was successfully completed on January 31st, 2019. 

The aim of the workshops to developing an Energy Renovation Path (ERP) and a local Action Plan to improve the related policy instrument measure targeted by the project.  This is measure 3.2.1 of the Territorial and Settlement Development Operational Program (TOP), for the energetic modernization of municipal buildings. 

The ERP is intended to serve as a practical guide for stakeholders, professionals in the public sector. A consolidated version, including REBUS good practices and experiences, is under preparation and will be compiled by EIfI, the REBUS project communication partner, which is expected to be presented at a local dissemination event planned for March 2019.  
The Hungarian version of the ERP document is also being prepared to be used as widely as possible. 

Activities planned under the Local Action Plan: 

  1. Reviewing, rationalising and testing the TOP 3.2.1 monitoring methodology - collecting feedback and results from the target groups concerned (Managing Authority (MA), beneficiary local governments), making proposals to the MA on this basis; 
  2. Awareness raising, promoting behavioural change, expanding knowledge - publishing a series of articles in a county-level magazine (3 publications) and related online campaigns, analysis, evaluation, collecting feedbacks; 

The workshop provided an exciting exchange of views on, among other things, the importance of awareness raising, which was formulated as one of the main activities in the local action plan based on the exchange of experiences and good practices implemented in the REBUS project. 

The program was attended by the LSG members delegated by the Ecological Institute for Sustainable Development, the Ferenc Földes High School, the Budapest University of Technology and Building Engineering and the Miskolc Heat Supply Ltd. 

Although there will be no more LSG workshops organised in the project, however work and cooperation with the members will continue in order to successfully implement the activities defined in the action plan. 

We hereby thank all of our LSG members for their valuable suggestions, comments and opinions that they provided throughout the whole planning process.