Four engineers that have been appointed energy managers in central buildings of the Region of Crete visited Durham on the 6th and 7th of September 2018 in order to find optimal solutions for energy saving and implement new practices in the public buildings of Crete. 

As capacity building has been identified as a major regional need for Crete, during the staff exchange the energy managers of the regional buildings had the chance to get informed about the implementation of the successful GPs (Big Switch Off, School Carbon Reduction program). The knowledge gained gives them the potential to apply these practises to the buildings they are responsible of. This will work as a pilot application in order to evaluate the results in Crete and propose specific actions for building capacity of technical staff and raise awareness of the building users. 

During the exchange, the actions and the results of the programs implemented by the City of Durham in schools and in various public buildings were presented, namely the Big Switch Off program, the DCC Carbon Management Program and the "LOCARBO project". The delegation also visited Esh Winning Primary School, St. Petersburg, Joseph's RCVA Primary School and St Margaret's CE Primary School in order to see the results and discuss about the abovementioned programs.