The two-day visit took place in Krakow, Poland on 29th and 30th January.

The staff exchange was very well organised, with the Education of Methodology during day one, and more practically tips and tricks, on day two. It also included a skype meeting with one of the teachers in one school!  This gave us a good period of time to analyse the Good Practice, and what was relevant for us.

Good Practices


The 50/50 energy-saving methodology 


Relevant for all 4 topics, but most relevant for the horizontal theme/ capacity building 

Points of relevance

It is relevant for the 365-view of how they engage the children to not only learn by themselves, but also encourage the teachers, parents, other schools, engagements on social media etc. It was very interesting, but also very time consuming for the teachers

Territorial Needs

To have the reaction and engagement from other partners within the City of Malmö, such as the Department of Primary School, Principals, Teachers, Parents etc.