Knowledge cafè workshop with Local Stakeholders

Venue: TUC campus (Technical University of Crete)

Hosting partner, Region of Crete, organised an open and creative session with focus on the project theme, using participant’s innovative thinking and painting skills. 

In particular, all participants, sitting on a round table, are asked to draw on a blank paper an experience of relevance coming from their territories, thanks also to the context analysis carried out in the past months within the REBUS project. 

Very creative and interesting ideas and experiences came out from the session, presented by all participants to the rest of the audience. 

Afterwards a World Café Session was held, with focus on common criteria for a good practice identification: a first approach and consideration based on the context analysis of each partner. 

The event begins with an introduction to the World Café process, setting the context and separating participants into 4 groups, according to the 4 pillars of references chosen by the REBUS project (planning, implementing, monitoring and capacity building). A twenty minute round of conversation for each group is foreseen, seated around a table. At the end of the twenty-minute round, each group moves to the next table. One person stays as the “table hosts” for the next round, welcoming the next group and briefly explain what happened in the previous rounds. 

The main outcomes are outlined in detail in the Full Minute Report.  

STUDY VISIT – Technical University of Crete 

The campus is certainly one of the best in Greece, with modern lecture halls and research facilities, library, student hall of residences, restaurant and recreational areas. 

The TUC Strategy on Green Campus is illustrated by Dr Spyris Psychis. On June 2013 a viability action plan was introduced, focusing on the  mid-term target of decreasing energy consumption by 20%. 

The plan provisioned actions towards:   

  • Energy spending reduction   
  • Water spending reduction   
  • Paper usage reduction   
  • Recycling 

Energy reduction measures focused on two directions  

Α. Measuring and analysing energy consumption data in order to assess potential savings margins, thanks to the following actions undertaken: installation of 18 real time measurement devices in every Medium-Low Voltage transformer in Campus; real time measurement and control devices in all student dormitory rooms; custom made software, to track and record, heating oil deliveries; campus real time energy consumption map (; Energy consumption data opened for everyone interested. 

Β. Undertaking immediate actions towards energy saving and establishing quick wins, such as: User awareness increase with every available channel (Web campaigns, banners, student contests etc); Consolidation of all TUC’s activities inside the Campus instead of using dispersed buildings inside the town; Collaboration with labs using energy greedy equipment to highlight false practices and change the usage profile; Upgraded the sports facilities lighting equipment with LED; Upgraded the campus street lighting infrastructure with magnetic induction technology fixtures, Gradual switch from heating oil burners to A/C and Heating Pumps; Solar hot water installations maintenance and reconfiguration; Gradual replacement of the most energy inefficient doors and windows installations with modern ones (w. thermal breaks, low E glazing etc)  

  • 23% cost reduction, well above the 20% target 

The Green University Strategy is still ongoing and further measures and actions are planned for the future. 

In depth information on the Monitoring System of the TUC campus consumption were provided by Efprepios Baradakis, TUC Energy Manager, while Assistant Professor Dionysia Kolokotsa  gave details on the Smart Energy Management System in the building of the Environmental Engineering School. Ms Maria Frangou, Ph.D. candidate, provided an overview of new financing methods in the tertiary sector buildings. 

Further information on these topics can be found in the presentations available on LIN-A.