The REBUS Final Conference Event, held virtually rather than in Tuscany in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, took place on Tuesday, the 10th of November as a recorded webinar.

Over the past 5 years, REBUS partners from 8 European countries have focused on and achieved important energy efficiency savings in public buildings. The goal of the event was to communicate and disseminate the REBUS project results and impact.

The event was moderated by Chris Ashe of the European Institute for Innovation, the German advisory partner, with support from Sara Banchi of Resolvo, the advisory partner from Tuscany.

Over 100 members of the REBUS network from across Europe joined the online REBUS Final Event

At this event, participants learned how our partners cooperated to reduce energy consumption and save public resources, with presentations and discussions on:

  • How to influence strategic decisions of policy makers dealing with energy efficiency renovations in public buildings, following the REBUS Energy Renovation Path;
  • Capacity building among public authorities for efficient renovation works;
  • The role of communities - citizens, building users and decisions makers to drive energy efficiency measures.

Opening the event was the Italian REBUS Lead Partner, Sergio Gatteschi (ARRR), who shared engaging interview videos with Simona Forzoni, Local Councillor for Environment in Greve in Chianti (IT) and Stefano Maestrelli, Former Energy Manger of the Versilia Hospital – both of whom kept their distances and wore their masks as they shared their positive experiences within the REBUS project.

The lead partner also presented on the REBUS Energy Renovation Path (ERP), a main outcome of the REBUS project that serves as a guide – available in Italian, Swedish, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian and Greek – to inform strategic decisions of public policy makers dealing with energy efficiency renovations in public buildings. The Tuscan Regional Minister for Environment was unable to open the conference as planned, unfortunately, due to urgent COVID-19 response tasks but ARRR President Marco Meacci joined the conference to welcome all of us to (virtual) Tuscany. On behalf of the Managing Authority in Tuscany, Valerio Marangolo showed his face at the final conference as well, demonstrating how the ERDF call for proposals were improved thanks to REBUS.  

Representatives from the City of Malmö guided the partners through the Swedish REBUS achievements, which was followed by a story from the Hungarian REBUS partner, B-A-Z County, on how REBUS has contributed to the meaningful communication of energy data to users.  

Through an engaging dialogue between Greek partners, the Region of Crete, showcased their strong cooperation and networks developed between the Region of Crete and the local council of Hersonissos, which tested the REBUS Energy Renovation Path. PNEC, the REBUS partner from Poland, held her interactive presentation and questionnaire that called for reflection on what’s key when it comes to energy efficiency improvement.  

SER DA from Romania held presentation on how various levels of government, the Region and the Local Councils have worked towards the same objective of increasing energy efficiency in public buildings through REBUS. From Durham (UK), Cllr John Clare shared an important message about Durham’s climate emergency response, supported by presentations on the experiences of Durham County Council within the REBUS project – the methodologies and results from Durham served as an exemplar to REBUS partners throughout the project.   

Charo Camacho from the Interreg Europe Joint Secretariat presented on REBUS results at the REBUS Final Event in November 2020

Dr. Lily Christoforidou shared her presentation on insights in relation to the European Green Deal and future opportunities for regions within this scope. The REBUS Final Event was concluded with a moving presentation by Interreg Europe project officer, Charo Camacho, who highlighted the inspiring results of the REBUS project in the past 5 years of interregional cooperation.

The REBUS Final Conference Event was highly successful, with over 100 participants joining from all across Europe to hear about project results. The main takeaway from the event is that lessons learned from REBUS can help us all to look towards the future, including the European Green Deal and Climate Emergency strategies. Here’s to 5 years of regional cooperation and moving toward a greener, more liveable Europe.  

Click here to view our abbreviated recording of the REBUS Final Conference.

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