The 5th LSG workshop, which is titled “Action planning almost at the finish line” will discuss of the updated and restructured Energy Renovation Path (ERP) document and final feedbacks and comments will be received from the LSG members. Regarding the Action Plan, already elaborated and potential further actions will be fine-tuned and debated with the support of external expertise. Besides, project progress and latest news on events (e.g. staff exchanges, transnational exchange events, upcoming activities) will be introduced.

We are nearly at the end of the first phase of the REBUS project, therefore local actors will prepare for the finalization of the EPR document, as well as for the further elaboration of a concrete plan for actions, which are to be implemented and monitored in the next 2 years, based on the context analysis, the good practices identified during transnational exchange events, the bilateral exchange rounds and the Energy Renovation Path document, in order to positively influence the current and future energy efficiency-targeting policy instruments, measures on our territory.