REBORN project – How can we keep entrepreneurs healthy?

In the frame of REBORN project IFKA has delivered an online workshop about the support of enterprises in crisis on May 7 2020. The topic of the online conference was: „How can we keep entrepreneurs healthy? Workshop for experts and policymakers about the support of enterprises in crisis.” 

  The aim of the workshop was to discuss the diagnostic system of Early Warning and to determine the possible roles of the participants in the implemented System. The Early Warning System is a framework for entrepreneurs and businesses across sectors that can help them face key challenges, including managing a crisis, dealing with bankruptcy and getting a second chance.   

14 experts from Hungary participated in the workshop: crisis- and turnaround managers, experts of business support organizations, organizational development consultants, trainers, representatives of banks and an insolvency lawyer. The representatives of the different professional fields contributed effectively to the planning of Early Warning System’s implementation. 


Overall conclusions of the workshop:

• participants discussed the questions and the structure of the diagnostic system, with the help of their recommendations the questions will be finalized soon

• the experts shared in which role they can contribute to the support of entrepreneurs in the Early Warning System

• the pilot phase of the EW should be launched ASAP, with the help of the experiences gained during the operation the diagnostic system can be optimized


The participants will continue to work together soon.