The main objective of the meeting was to discuss the concept of creating a Worshop Group, the principles of its tasks and to develop guidelines for the functioning of the Contact Point for entrepreneurs with difficulties.

During the meeting, were presented all activities undertaken at regional level within the REBORN project. Then, participants discussed the progress of work, pushed by the Thematic Working Group (TGR) Intelligent Lublin, the aim of which is to develop programme assumptions and substantive contribution to increase growth and competitiveness of SMEs under the new financial perspective of ROP L 2021-2027.

In the further part of the meeting, were presented activities implemented at the national level, directly related to the project target group.  

The leading topic of the REBORN project is in line with priority 8 of the Sustainable Development Objectives Economic growth and decent work, and the Second Chance Policy in 2019 was recognized as a governmental strategic project among the National Priorities under Agenda 2030. In this aspect, was discussed the possibility of using synergies and the economies scale that can be achieved, combining the effects developed at the regional level with an opportunity to use them at the national level. 

In the further part of the meeting was discussed the shape of recommendations for the Ministry of Develop in the area of proposed legislative improvements and potential possibilities of their implementation.  

The presented comments, suggestions and recommendations is an valuable source of knowledge, which will be used within the framework of specific documents and the pilot programme of the Contact Point for entrepreneurs with difficulties. The effects of the work will be presented at subsequent meetings, which will be carried out periodically, in the form of an established REBORN Workshop Group.