Last 23rd of February, REBORN consortium met in Genova for the first time.

Our Kick-off meeting was a reality after a long period of hard work and a lot of efforts put on an amazing project which will contribute to improve the policies supporting restarters.

Just for letting you know about the Programe framework, Interreg Europe is based on the experience exchange to improve the European regional development policies, primarily those related to the Investment of Growth and Employment. Projects financed by Interreg Europe are intended to the development of an Action Plan in the field of such projects, where measures and initiatives will be implemented in regional and/or national policies and strategies.

In our case, REBORN will offer EU partners regions (Liguria, Murcia, Wallonia, Central Hungary, Western Macedonia and Lubelskie) the opportunity for policy learning and good practices transfer in second chance entrepreneurship and designing the implementation of regional action plans, focused on three working themes: solution to finance in second opportunities enterprises after a failure, improve the image of the re-starter at the same time as it helps them to overcome a bad experience and, finally, to develop new entrepreneurial skills to enable them the early detection of risk situations.  

REBORN project will contribute, during the coming 4 years, to increase the competitiveness of SMEs in difficulties and enhancing the measures to overcome "stigmatization" of entrepreneurs resulting from bankruptcy.

Let's start to exchange and learn! =)