The meeting was attended by representatives of local self-government, business environment institutions, as well as the banking sector.

The meeting began with the presentation that related to the conclusion from the Business Breakfast meeting with entrepreneurs who reported the difficulties they faced in their day-to-day business. This point of the meeting was a reference to the further discussion during which were proposed ideas and possibilities to support companies in the context to the target group of the REBORN project .

The main point of the meeting, as well as the entire project, is the improvement of tools relating to the re-start of business activity and creating a positive image of companies that want to return to the market after the business failure and continue their business activity. Therefore, the meeting tried to analyse the possible instruments that could be addressed to those enterprises that are in the area of project interest.

In the following quarters of 2018, work will begin on developing the Regional Action Plan, which will include specific set of activities supporting the re-starters. The next action and element of the discussion with stakeholders will be to identify the nature, conditions and specific parameters of the financial instrument that could be implemented in the Lubelskie Voivodeship.