The 3°REBORN Business Breakfast of Wallonia, held on June 14th in Namur, gathered a thirty or so participants, among which 2 entrepreneurs and 3 experts, sharing their experiences and thoughts on the necessary improvement in the knowledge and skills of entrepreneurs who are candidates for restarting business after failure.


Our two witnesses truly embody the “courage to start or restart after a blunder”. Their testimonials show us that there is no doubt that a time of reflection and personal analysis should be encouraged in order to regain self-confidence and the ability to put things into perspective.


Experts highlighted the importance of taking human, as well as business, aspects into account in the reconstruction phase after failure. Additionally, they highlighted the pitfalls to avoid in the preparation phase or launch of a business, such underestimating the different stages or the liquidity plan.


Participants also came to the conclusion that all entrepreneurs have a strong interest in becoming more involved in monitoring and managing their business in order to avoid the trap of relying on an array of professionals without mastering the basics.