The Business Innovation Center of Murcia (CEEIM) represents Spain in the European project Reborn, from where will come a plan of action to give a second chance to entrepreneurs who had failed in their first attempt to create and consolidate their company. The document will improve European regional development policies related to investment in growth and employment.

REBORN project will bring out the best policies and practices in each region participating in the European Commission initiative to support entrepreneurs who want to face their second business opportunity, after failing their first attempt.

To this end, solutions will be provided to finance second-chance companies, after a failure, to improve the image of re-starting and overcome a bad experience, as well as to develop new entrepreneurial skills for the early detection of risk situations.

The team of technologists should turn these challenges into new opportunities, for which they are based on data also collected in this document, where it is pointed out that failed entrepreneurs often maintain their entrepreneurial spirit and that entrepreneurs usually face better Their business on their second opportunity, despite the obstacle to finding new financing. It also shows that 18% of successful entrepreneurs had already run a company before, while 6% had run two or more.

Furthermore, certain good practices were pointed out in order to develop them in the region, such as: doing a case study with successful companies, and also companies that have already failed; get to know the companies that have started again with other activities in order to acquaint the real causes of business failure.