This year OECD organized the Summer Academy on Cultural and Creative Industries and Local Development for the second time. The Academy took place from 16-20 June 2019 in Trento and Bolzano.

The Summer Academy seeks to stimulate sharing of knowledge and experience among participants, experts and pro-fessionals from several fields related to CCIs.

The focus of 2019 has been on tradition vs Innovation, Preservation vs. (Re)activation and Linear development vs. Holis-tic approach.

IDM Creative Industries was invited as a speaker to the conference and was asked to present the Cross Innovation Activ-ities, in order to boost innovation in the Creative Industries sector and act as transformative power. IDM took the chance to talk about the RCIA Project in detail, as the learnings from the partners and other regions participating on RCIA was crucial in order to develop the MATCH! Program from IDM Creative Industries.

It was a very interesting possibility to share our learnings gathered from the RCIA Project with other colleagues attend-ing from CCI sector. At the end of the presentation we had the opportunity to talk to the participants who were interest-ed about RCIA, particularly about the learnings and Projects we developed out of it.

The participants were also interested about other best practices regarding match making and cross innovation, so we had the possibility to quote some of the projects of our RCIA Partners as Kreativwirtschaftsvoucher from AWS or the project Demola from Latvia.

Another interest of the attending guests was how we developed the Creative Industries strategy in South Tyrol. Talking about this, we could primarily talk about the knowledge we gathered during the RCIA Project, especially from Austria and Wallonia, who’s creative industries strategy has been the most suitable practice for us and the development of our strategy.