Between 21-23 May 2019, RCIA hosted a Steering Committee (SC) meeting in Romania. First the participants shared information on their staff exchanges and policy round tables, allowing for reflections and considerations around the table.

The next part of the meeting was presenting the Local Action Plans (LAPSs) and involved local stakeholders along with project partners. The focus of these LAPs is to design a strategy for the regions to define what they will be working on within the next two years, taking into account their learnings from the project so far. Our Spanish partner gave input on each region’s LAP and explained how it can be implemented, with emphasis on drawing inspiration from the project activities and exchanges. 

Day 2 was all about our Romanian partner’s good practices and study visits. The good practices presented were:

  • Cluj Cultural Centre - a non-governmental organization of culture and urban development. Initially intended to prepare the city’s candidacy for the European Capital of Culture 2021, Cluj Cultural Centre implements a comprehensive program addressing strategic challenges of society.
  • Cluj IT Cluster -  a cluster based organization formed of active organizations in the information technology field: providers of software services and solutions, universities and research institutes, public bodies and other catalyst organizations.
  • Cluj-Napoca Municipality – Centre of Innovation and Civic Imagination with the goal to create a system where people can come together and talk about specific topics concerning Cluj. They start with an idea or a draft and everything develops from there. Usually, the result is completely different to what was there at the start. There is no “official” context. It is about getting people to think about certain topics of interest. 
  • ClujHub  - ClujHub came to life in 2012 out of the ambition of a young entrepreneur and the desire of a handful of people to build one of the most innovative and complete coworking spaces in Romania. Today, ClujHub is a go-to coworking place for business people, entrepreneurs, and freelancers activating in the digital and creative areas. It has become an important landmark for the community and the entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

The Study Visits were to:


The rest of the day was followed by presentations on project management, communication and exchange of experiences.