On 19-21 November 2018, Austria’s Film Industry Support (FISA), which is a part of RCIA’S Lead Partner, AWS, visited the South Tyrolian partner IDM Ecosystem Film & Creative Industries in Italy for a Staff Exchange. (Read more about it here)

  Among the core discussion topics were:   

  • Different Initiatives for the Film Location Development and Promotion using the example of South Tyrol   
  • Detailed Presentation and Comparison of Film Funding Procedures in general and on case studies   
  • Focus on similarities and differences   
  • Overview of Structures and Departments in the IDM and aws   

What are the main challenges in your region that you were hoping to address with the staff exchange?   

The main challenge within the Austrian Film Funding structure is the introduction of a tax incentive. The communication between the different institutions, those who administer film funding and the policy makers who are the decision makers regarding the introduction of new funding schemes and changes within the law. Another thing is that cooperation on an international, cross regional level is extremely important to build up an effective network within Film Industries in Europe. For example, the coordination between Film Funds, Film Commissions internationally, development of joint strategic actions, e.g. co-development funds.   

What are the learnings you take home from this Staff Exchange?   

It was crucial for us to get to know a similar, jet different developed system in how to structure ecosystems within a rather traditional company structure. The creative freedom to set up a structure that fits the needs of a fast-changing industry like the Film Industry and generally speaking the Creative Industries. The holistic approach of developing the film location South Tyrol with monetary funding and measures regarding film location development, e.g. talents and promotion. Also, the importance of cooperation and exchange of information between Film Funds, Commissions and other Creative Industries.

Which of the learnings could also be applied/ transferred to you Region?   

We see it as absolutely important to keep up the contact between IDM Film Fund/Creative Industries and FISA / aws to foster the exchange when it comes to shared projects and work together on future strategic development and on a project-based scale. We do work on keeping up the exchange between FISA and IDM and foster joint events in the near future and take into account the South Tyrolean example in how to combine a monetary funding approach with location development and promotion.   

What are barriers in your Region?   

The existence of laws which do not reflect the current situations in the audiovisual sector and therefore limits the funding procedures and objects of funding, eligibility of projects etc.   

Non-existence of tax-based funding scheme.