Austria’s Film Industry Support (FISA), which is a part of RCIA’S Lead Partner, AWS, visited the South Tyrolian partner IDM Ecosystem Film & Creative Industries in Italy from 19-21 November 2018 for a Staff Exchange.

The aim was to gain a detailed insight of IDM Ecosystem Film & Creative Industries and FISA’s funding programmes and identify areas of collaboration and co-learning.  

The first day began with a warm welcome from the IDM Film & Creative Industries’ team to FISA’s participants at the NOI Techpark in Bolzano and kicked off an intensive 3-day programme.   

Starting with a presentation by Birgit Oberkofler and Renate Ranzi on IDM Ecosystem Film & Creative Industries’ vision, mission and objectives, the agenda then went on to include the structure of IDM Film Fund & Commission on the one hand and FISA – Film Industry Austria on the other, which led to discussions about the pros and cons of each set-up.   

 IDM then presented its various initiatives for location development such as MOVIE IT!, INCONTRI, FINAL TOUCH, AlpenDating, Alpenländischer Produktionsworkshop as well as partner initiatives.  

As FISA has not set any measures in the past besides monetary funding, it was very inspiring to learn more about the motivation and the goals of each initiative.

On day 2, IDM Film Fund gave a detailed presentation and looked at how FISA works by comparison. A few hours were dedicated to gain insight on each fund’s process and to discuss similarities, differences and how learnings can be transferred between the two funds. This was followed by a presentation on IDM’s script development programmes such as RACCONTI / RACCONTI Local Plus / RACCONTI Local Talent. In the evening, FISA was invited to join a dinner during the RACCONTI script lab, which took place in Schenna, near Bolzano at the same time as the Staff Exchange. It was a great opportunity to experience the programme in practise and to meet the inspiring participants of the script lab.   

On the last day, IDM and FISA each went over detailed case studies of their film projects. In the afternoon, IDM gave an overview of Ecosystem Film & Creative Industries before wrapping up the Staff Exchange and collecting feedback.  

The three days were very inspiring and helpful for FISA – Film Industry Support Austria as IDM provided interesting insights and helped position the staff exchange as a starting point for future exchanges and joint initiatives between the two film funds.     

Here is what we learnt during the second staff exchange!