Austria Once Again - Second Staff Exchange

Representatives from RCIA partners in Poland, (City of Lublin) and Latvia, (Development Finance Institution Altum) took part in the 2nd RCIA Staff Exchange to the Austria Wirtsschaftservice between 2-4 October 2018. In addition to the project partners, representatives of the Ministry of Culture from the Czech Republic participated.   


The aim of this exchange was to gain a detailed insight into the development and implementation of the Austrian Creative Industries Strategy and to participate in the 8th European Creative Industries Summit 2018.   The Staff Exchange started with a meeting with Bernd Zimmer from the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs, responsible for composing the strategy. Following this, there was a discussion with Austria’s Wirtsschaftservice representatives, shedding light on the process of developing the Creative Industries Strategy for Austria.   

On the second day, a meeting with Gerin Trautenberg of KAT Kreativwirtschaft Austria took place. KAT wrote main parts of the Austrian Creative Industries Strategy and is also responsible for monitoring the situation of CCI sector by collecting data and publishing the reports. This was followed by a discussion with the representatives of Ministry of Culture, which emphasized on the importance of supporting the museum and library sector as an inspirational point for creatives.   

The following day, all participants partook in the 8th European Creative Industries Summit 2018, which was not only very informative and inspirational but also fantastic for international networking.  

 Overall, the 2nd Staff Exchange gave unique insight into partner regions’ challenges and how they overcome them as well as tips on how regional policies related to CCI and SME competitiveness can be enhanced.