The impact of the Austrian’s Local Stakeholder Group becomes tangible!

The outcome of the first RCIA policy roundtable which took place on 1st October and the upcoming steps in the development of the new programme were discussed on 29 November in Vienna with the members of the Local Stakeholder Group and valuable ideas and input were collected for consideration in the new programme. 

The “philosophy” behind the upcoming programme is to generate a long-term need for creative services, by involving the creative providers at an early stage in the process of problem identification and then developing jointly with the “traditional” company a solution for the problem. The novelty of the approach consists in the fact that the contribution of the creative companies should not come at the end of the process (design, communication and promotion), but become an integral part of the holistic development process. In such a way, the probability of bringing to life truly innovative – even disruptive – and non-conventional solutions for industry’s needs is much higher. Even the name of the upcoming programme is programmatic: “Creat(iv)e Solutions”.

The participants at this Local Stakeholder Group meeting as representatives of companies, intermediaries, research institutes and of course, the programme owner, carried very intense and particularly fruitful discussions, sharing very openly their thoughts, needs and visions for implementation.

Christina Koch from aws says, "We look forward to shaping the upcoming programme as part of the Austrian RCIA Local Action Plan based on the inspiration coming out from interaction and exchange with our partners and local stakeholders."