Meet the Local Stakeholder Group in Catalonia

Have a closer look at the important Local Stakeholder Group of Catalonia. Together with RCIA partner in Spain, Cambra Barcelona, they bring forth knowledge and ideas to improve local and regional CCI.

Who does your Local Stakeholder Group consist of (composition/structure)?

The Catalan Local Stakeholder Group consist of public administration representatives from the main regional and local administrations as follows:

  • At a regional level, we have the Catalan Government represented by ICEC, the Catalan Institute for Cultural Companies (ICEC), and the Agency for Business Competitiveness (ACCIÓ). Representing the Catalan SMEs at regional level we do count on the Catalan General Council of Chambers of Commerce.
  • At a provincial level, we closely cooperate with the Tourism Department of the Barcelona Provincial Council.
  • At a local level, we rely on the Culture Institute of Barcelona from the Barcelona City Council.

Other private stakeholders are:

  • Barcelona Design Center, which promotes design as a strategic element for business excellence and as a key factor for innovation, and as a discipline that can improve people's quality of life.
  • Eurecat, as one of the biggest Technological Centers in Catalonia committed to provide technological solutions to different sectors. Given its specialisation, Eurecat also targets the Audiovisual Sector through the Audiovisual Media Alliance.

How are you involving you LSG in your work with the project?

We are involving our LSG by having group meetings every 6 months but also by having specific bilateral meetings with each one of them to dig further down in their potential good practices and policies to be transferred and their possible interest to take part in the RCIA activities, such as the study visits, as well as to give them more specific information on the good practices that they might find interesting to adopt.


What theme(s) is/are addressed within the LSG?

The main themes addressed are the regional situation of CCIs and what needs to be improved to make them more competitive. We help foster the discussion by including some specific good practices from other regions that might be relevant for Catalonia, which could be adapted and transferred.


How do(es) this/these theme(s) relate to the learnings from the RCIA project?

The themes are directly related to the learnings from RCIA as we select and present those good practices and policies that have been identified by our European partners.

The discussions revolve around the real possibilities to implement the Good Practices in Catalonia and their main barriers in this transferring process.


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