Local Stakeholder Meeting in Lublin 

The Local Stakeholder Group in Lublin met on the 24th of April. This working meeting was dedicated to the music industry and its needs, barriers and possible development as creative industry branch in Lublin.

During the meeting, young musicians connected with the Karol Lipiński School of Music in Lublin together with representatives of the City of Lublin, Strategy and Investor Assistance Department.

The most important topics covered in the meeting, in regard to current needs were:

Education and upgrading the skills, focusing on:

  1. Entrepreneurship and business skills, including knowledge about the market
  2. Workshops preparing for entering exams at the artistic universities
  3. Artistic university in Lublin
  4. Self-presentation workshops
  5. Improvisation
  6. Music trips to listen to other musicians and find inspiration

Music bands and the need to:

  1. Establish them more
  2. Increase the accessibility to join an already existing band
  3. Increase number of jam session (including reducing the age barrier)

Promotion in terms of:

  1. Promoting Lublin as a music destination
  2. Better promotion of already existing artists
  3. Better information about the concerts
  4. To increase an accessibility for concerts (by e.g. reducing prices)
  5. Presenting work together in exhibitions, fairs and other international events.


In terms of infrastructure:

There is a need for more places where it is possible to practise and play music, such as:

  • Concert hall
  • Recording studio
  • A place for outdoor concerts


The vision of Lublin as a creative city currently meets the following challenges and opportunities:

  • The music spirit in the city – There needs to be more music in the public spaces
  • To establish the connection Lublin = Wieniawski similarly like Warsaw = Chopin
  • Concerts on the roofs
  • Supports before the main star for young artists
  • Ludowy Park as a place known for the music.

The participants of the working group noticed that Lublin is not the city that is instantly associated with music and concluded that Lublin should definitely improve its image in this direction. 

Hear from the stakeholders:

"I am a researcher at the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University. As a scientist, I want to improve my practical experience as well as my theoretical background in my field of interest. That is why being a part of the RCIA Local Stakeholder Group is a very exciting experience for me. The RCIA project not only gives me the opportunity to get to know better entrepreneurs working in the creative industry but also the challenges and actual issues that they are facing every day. Additionally, and even more exciting, I have the possibility to discover, choose and use some tools to diminish that challenges by creating public policy. Having a possibility to create the Lublin creative environment for the at least next 13 years, ensure me that such project like Regional Creative Industry Alliance is a very important initiative for the regional economy as a part of the European community. "