RATIO, Study Visit at Agri Con GmbH - Exchange of experience event in Leipzig 04.04.2017

The eight European partners of the Interreg Europe project RATIO chose Agri Con GmbH as a best practice for innovation capability. The exchange of experience event in Leipzig gave a good chance to make a study visit at this company to see what makes Agri Con GmbH that innovative.

First of all, they introduced their company. The partners got informed about Agri Con’s innovation strategy and how they revolutionize farming. Doing so, they combine traditional farming with the latest digital technology for innovative plant cultivation solutions. Following, the partners got an introduction in the software, which shows how the fields are tilled using Agri Con’s precision farming solutions. Therefore, they presented interactive maps, which visualized the GPS-tracking data collected with on-site sensors. The visit was finished with a discussion round and the opportunity for questions and answers.