Vidzeme Planning Region speaks to stakeholders

The stakeholder meeting took place on 14 June 2016 at the co-working house ,,School6” in Cesis . It gathered together 15 participants from project management group, experts and business development specialists from Vidzeme municipalities.

The meeting was aimed to introduce the Interreg Europe RATIO project, identify a stakeholder group and discuss how to involve them in the project and potentially expand this group. The project manager Laima Engere has a good experience working for promotion of startups in Valmiera Business and Innovation Incubator. Project manager introduced the project objectives, planned results and expectations towards an involvement of stakeholders and their role in the project. ,, The project will be successful and achieve its goals if there will be a team work - local governments and policy makers , businesses and business promotion organizations ,” concluded Laima. During the meeting participants discussed business promotion activities in the municipalities, introduced the successful innovative business examples from their territories and expressed an interest to learn good practices from partner regions, pointed out what kind of support is needed for local enterprises. At the end of the meeting, specialists agreed about organizations and institutions, which should be invited to other RATIO project stakeholder meetings.

There was also introduced another Interreg Europe program project SUPER, which aims to support eco-innovations in international markets. Both RATIO and SUPER projects intend to cooperate and complement each other. 

Meetings with business development specialists from Vidzeme municipalities are organized several times a year, with the aim of promoting a dialogue between the local authorities and Vidzeme Planning Region in order to share experience and find the best solutions for promotion of entrepreneurship. 

The stakeholder meeting was held within the framework of the Interreg Europe program RATIO project .