On March 21, more than 30 entrepreneurs, representatives of business support institutions and experts from the Vidzeme municipalities met in Ungurpils , Aloja Municipality to get acquainted with the public support instruments and measures for the development of innovative products and services for SMEs. Vidzeme planning region introduced its initiatives and accomplishments for business development in Vidzeme. One of the most important works is the Action Plan for Promoting SMEs in the region, developed by RATIO project , carried out by SIA Ideju Kapitals in cooperation with VPR experts.

The meeting was organized with reference to the suggestion of the stakeholders involved in the project - more actively exchange an information on various business support instruments . 

RATIO project working group meetings have repeatedly expressed the view that there are separate, largely unrelated instruments of different stages of support in the country that are monitored and developed by different. This time the seminar focused on less well-known support programs that promote research and business innovation activities in companies.