Students studding Energy and environmental technology are familiar with the topic innovation and KMU. Additionally, the network Neu e.V. as a cluster with 75 members from the field of economics, research and political authorities has many examples of experience in this field.

The students were interested in the project RATIO in the terms of innovative ways how to make KMU in rural areas more attractive. The project RATIO was introduced first, to come to the action plan later as an important deliverable in the application form.

The action plan consists of the recommendations we gave for the innovation strategy of the Free State of Saxony. These were presented to the students as a basis for discussion. Then the overview of the project and the main expected results were presented. We have explained that the RATIO project is embedded in the Interreg Europe priority axis 1: Strengthening research, technological development and innovation, with the specific objective “improving innovation delivery policies.” Thus, this project will contribute to reinforce the innovation culture in the region boosting innovative ecosystems where actors (regional and local authorities and innovation partners) and stakeholders (associations, academia, regional government etc.) can work together in the Action plan to reach the needed policy change for the consolidation of innovative companies in non-metropolitan areas.

At the end  participants discussed the action plan and exchanged the RATIO project and the students experience with innovations in the field of KMU.