The event was launched at the hosts' premises, FSLD MILGA in Krakow, with a short tour and familiarization with the program and organization of both working days. The program continued with an interesting visit to the Krakow Technology Park, where a lecture on start-ups and support for innovation in the Malopolska Region was prepared for the participants, as well as a presentation on the emergence and current state of the technology park, followed by a tour of selected technological incubator compartments, data center and coloring studio. Another point of the program was a tour of the kitchen incubator in the village of Zakrzów, about 40 km from Krakow, the first of its kind founded in Poland, which was created by subsidized reconstruction of the devastated building of the former school. Incubated companies are particularly successful in the production of syrups, jams and regional delicacies, under the trade mark used, however, the sale of cheeses and honey from other suppliers from the region is supported. Besides production and sales, trainings are organized in the incubator and there are various conferences and social events of a smaller nature, which are also provided with excellent catering. The afternoon part was completed by representatives of all partner organizations of the RATIO project on the state of the creation of regional action plans, on the identified main problems / barriers of business and the proposed ways of solving them.

The second day of the program was started by a recapitulation of the realized activities of the project in the 3rd period, including information on submission of the final technical and financial report, and a further progress of the project activities in the 4th period was outlined. A presentation and discussion on the creation of regional action plans followed, and the related discussion of the previous day's partners on the maximum use of proposals for measures for other partners and political leadership in the regions was completed. The partner meeting ended the mutual transmission of information on the events and events visited, with a secure presentation of the RATIO project.

The action has contributed to providing an insight into the further support of innovative firms in rural areas. The partner meeting was focused on sharing ideas for tackling the problems of rural regions (low-skilled labor, inadequate finances / access to finance, poor internet connections), some partners have specific solutions, others are just looking for them. It has been shown that the proposed measures are practically of two kinds: vouchers and microinovations. The exchange of experience and established conditions for the implementation of the proposed measures has also demonstrated regional differences, both in partner processes and in the approach of the managing authorities themselves.