During third semester of the RATIO project, the Foundation in Support of Local Democracy Malopolska Institute of Local Government and Administration (FSLD MILGA) organised 5 stakeholder meetings, including:

A/5 meetings of Malopolskie Stakeholder Group (27.04; 22.05; 3.07; 29.08. and 19.09.2017)

Key conclusions-aspects of project work:

-Innovations in the context of cities and rural areas should be understood analogously, however, there are various barriers to development innovation in rural and in metropolitan areas

-Launching innovative potential within rural areas requires different approach (tools, politics)

-The responsibility for creating conditions for the development of innovation in rural areas lies with local and regional authorities

B/Therefore, in September was organized MEETING OF STAKEHOLDERS OF DEVELOPMENT INNOVATION ON RURAL AREA IN MALOPOLSKA - A REGIONAL CONFERENCE under the name „Innovation in Malopolska Rural Areas”, which took place in Ludzmierz (Malopolska Region)

The event was attended by project participants-stakeholders, activists from rural areas of Malopolska, researchers dealing with rural development issues, representatives of the Malopolska Marshal's Office and members of the Malopolska Stakeholders Council of the RATIO project (circa 7o participants) .