Good Practice research - RATIO project

As first step in the RATIO project it was foreseen to carry out an analysis of the innovation potential of SMEs in rural partner regions. The analysis contains the policy Framework for research and innovations, detection of relevant players and their interaction in the technology transfer and innovation process and also the available tools and services provided for enterprises to foster innovations. Further each partner have searched for Good Practices for the Exchange of  experience proces and they  were presented during the partner meeting in Latvia on October 25th, 2016.

The detected Good Practices reach from the establishment of a technology park in Walga; funding programme for the agrifood sector; programmess for the expansion of broadband access , technology transfer and logistic services to rural areas in Spain / agricultural service company of Precision Farming and cluster NEU e.V. for energy and environment in Leipzig Germany / Innovation Centre and Innovation Vouchers of Ústí Region in the Czech Republic / Institute for Environmental Solutions and Healthy Food Cluster in Latvia / entrepreneurship programme  of Alto Támega and forestry management programme of pine forest in Portugal / creative training programmes for human resources of the Vieterbo Chamber of Commerce   and funding programme for entrepreneurs developer by "bottom up" proces in Lazio Italy / Enterprise Centres and Local Enterprise Offices of Cork in Ireland.

The first conclusion of the detected Good Practices was found in the case that they provide services and the right framework conditions during the start-up phase of entrepreneurship e.g.  by networking, training and mentoring programmes of technology transfer. The second conclusion was that they face the problem of financing innovations. The developments of novel technological solutions for products or production process as well as innovative services often require high financial resources. The prpoject partners  decided to further discuss the Good Practices  and a further selection process according to the main needs of each partner region will be caried out. In April 2017 an Exchange of experience event is planned in Leipzig, Germany to find the final conclusions.