The RATIO project Stakeholder Group Meeting in Semester 2 was held on 06. 06. 2017 at the Studio 3 – Leipzig TV – Listhaus, Friedrich-Listplatz 1, 04103 Leipzig.

Big role players of the energy sector which are all part of innovative organisations in the region were invited.

At the beginning, the Aufbauwerk and new participants were briefly presented. Next,  Prof. Jens Schneider from Fraunhofer-Center für Silizium-PV Halle (Saale) gave an overview of the development of photovoltaics in Germany and in Europe. He described the chances which this technology brings. The next presentation was held by Dr. Kersten Roselt from JENA-GEOS Ingenieurbüro GmbH. It was about heat anomalies in the underground. These are often underestimated as an energy source. So, the potential behind it is often not recognized, but it offers many opportunities. 

After a short break, the project Ratio were introduced to the participants by Aufbauwerk Region Leipzig GmbH. Therefore, the aims and activities of the project and the possibilities for the organisations were introduced. The aims are mainly the analysis of innovations of SME in rual areas, city and surrounding countryside’s, exchange of experience with organisations for a better economic promotion and development of recommendations for the innovation strategy of Saxony 2020. Subsequently the innovation strategy of Saxony 2020 and the innovation health check tool were presented  getting an overview what they mean for the project. The project is declared as a solution for many problems especially for a better economic promotion to support innovative SME.

The meeting was concluded with a final discussion about the themes in the solar team. All participants had the possibility to make suggestions and to express opinions.