Presentation of RaiSE project

The meeting began with a presentation of RaiSE project, and specially, of its origin: 3 years ago ACCIÓ, public agency devoted to the competitiveness of Catalan enterprises, started actions to support the internationalization of the third social sector. ACCIÓ wanted to know how other European regions dealt with this issue.  

The tool to reach this purpose was Interreg Europe: through this ERDF programme, European regions learn from each other to improve a public policy. In RaiSE, six pro-active regions and one advisory partner address the common challenge of enhancing competitiveness of social enterprises.

The public policy that RaiSE aims to improve in Catalonia is the “Support Plan to the Third Social Sector” (Pla de Suport al Tercer Sector Social) and, in particular, the measures that concern ACCIÓ and the Directorate-General for the Social Economy.    

Kick-off meeting in Barcelona

Project partners came to Barcelona for the Kick-off meeting at the end of January. An overview of the Kick-off and a video of the study visits is available on RaiSE website: 

Regional stakeholder group

The regional stakeholder group consists of public and private institutions that advice or have influence in the public policy that the project wants to improve. Stakeholders are invited to participate in internal Catalan meetings and internacional project meetings.  

Next project meeting in Budapest

Stakeholders are invited to participate in the next project meeting in Budapest (16-17 May). In the following days they will communicate if they come or not.  

Other issues addressed: good practice guide

The project will identify in each region examples of good practices to improve social enterprises competitiveness. The practice has to be successful in the region and must be of potential interest to other regions. This was explained to stakeholders in the meeting and they proposed several good practices.

The feelings after this meeting are very positive. Let's RaiSE this project all together!