Agenda - First Stakeholder Group Meeting 

Presentation of RaiSE project

The meeting began with a presentation of RaiSE project and the participants of the regional stakeholder group. The possible enlargement of the group was discussed: some potential actors that could be involved in the project are Universities, Chambers of Commerce and other sectors of the region dealing with productive activities. 

Study on the social enterprises ecosystem & Gap analysis

The group also talked about the methodology that will be followed in the study on the social enterprises ecosystem and the gap analysis. The first investigation will be on the existing documentation. Afterwards, a general survey will be carried out and a selection of 20-30 enterprises will be interviewed, to investigate the current situation and the needs. 

Regional representatives expressed their interest in the investigation, in particular on the following topics:  training tools to strengthen the managerial skills in the social enterprises; supporting actions to launch the internationalization process; and inclusion of the social economy’s actors in the public procurement procedures, with a particular focus on co-design. 

Project's communication and dissemination

Stakeholders will support and contribute to project’s communication and dissemination through their channels and by suggesting the participation to external events.