Each study will identify and map the existing social enterprises in each region, including a needs assessment to detect barriers to growth.

Studies as a starting point for RaiSE objectives

The first phase of RaiSE project is dedicated to the analysis and exchange of experiences between the different participant regions. At this stage, ACCIÓ, IFKA, WestBIC, ERVET and Örebro have to elaborate a study of the social enterprise ecosystem in their regions. 

The study will provide an accurate picture of the social enterprises state-of-the art in each region, and serve as a starting point of the project. 

Comparative analysis 

In a second stage, the study will also serve as a basis for a comparative analysis among the results of the different participant regions studies. The interregional study which will be conducted by RaiSE advisory partner, Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI). 


Study of the social enterprise ecosystem (ACCIÓ, IFKA, WestBIC, ERVET and Örebro): March - August 2017. 

Comparative analysis (ZSI): September - November 2017.