Brainstorming workshop “Designing our Action Plans”

A special and useful workshop on the Action Plans preparation took place in the interregional meeting in Westport. 

The advisory partner (Centre for Social Innovation) and the lead partner (ACCIÓ) jointly prepared a special workshop on designing the Action Plans for the Westport meeting (January 2019), which had the following objectives:

  • Introduction on Action Plans in the context of RaiSE project and the roadmap for the drafting of these Action Plans.
  • Problem solving exercise on issues of social enterprise ecosystems and policy implementation while considering the framework conditions.
  • Exchange of experiences and discussion on selected issues that social enterprise ecosystems face and how different regions think about them.

RaiSE project partners and stakeholders where split into four groups to discuss the following four topics/challenges:

  • A lack of volunteerism can be observed (especially regarding young people) which enforces the lack of time and capacity for running the social enterprise.
  • All regions report needs in human resources, more concretely in hiring people with management skills, and business experience.
  • Common to all regions is a lack of publicly available funding (and a dependency on that), which often leads to an insecure financial situation.
  • Some social enterprises do so well, that they think about expanding their activities to other countries – but how do you start an internationalisation?

The advisory partner designed a special template for the workshop, which was printed in A3 format and completed by every group:

Group 1: Lack of entrepreneurship in social enterprises

Group 2: Human resources in social enterprises 

Group 3: Financing social enterprises 

Group 4: Internationalisation of social enterprises

Thanks to the workshop, RaiSE project partners & stakeholders could put into practice a methodology on how to identify key challenges and needs and propose tailored solutions for them. 

We RaiSE this project all together!