Fourth and fifth stakeholder group meetings in Hungary

The Hungarian stakeholder group for RaiSE celebrated two meetings last semester. 

8th May 2019 - Venue: Ministry of Finance, Budapest 

The issues discussed at this meeting regarding the RaiSE project were the SWOT analysis of the Hungarian social enterprises ecosystem and the presentation of the good practices experienced in the project, with the focus on financial instrument. This led to a discussion about possible interventions that could be included in the RaiSE Action Plan, such as the potential development of a new micro loan product for social enterprises and an evaluation system tailored to assess the potential social impacts of the loans. 

12th June 2019 - Venue: IFKA, Budapest 

As a project partner of RaiSE, IFKA is a member of the Impact First Group, and also operates an outstanding strategic partnership with the Hungarian Ministries (Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Human Resources, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Innovation and Technology). The aim of the meeting was to launch a dialogue between experts in ecosystems for the development / support of social enterprises (accelerators, investors, social impact measurement experts, so called Impact First Group) and the definition of tools and programs to support the competitiveness of social enterprises (in the long run). The topic of stakeholder meeting was closely related to the future Hungarian Action Plan for the RaiSE project.

Thank you, IFKA team and stakeholders, for your involvement in the RaiSE project!