Fifth stakeholder group meeting in Catalonia 

The Catalan stakeholder group for RaiSE celebrated the fifth meeting on 20 February 2019 in Barcelona. 


As the objective of this meeting was to talk about the proposal of new or enhanced public policies inspired by RaiSE interregional exchange of experiences, which may improve the competitiveness of social enterprises in Catalonia, the stakeholders invited were all public entities linked to the Government of Catalonia that influence the Support Plan for the Third Social Sector (Directorate-General for the Social Economy, Ministry of Presidency, Catalan Institute of Finance and ACCIÓ).

Sixth RaiSE interregional meeting in Westport

All stakeholders that attended the meeting participated in the last project meeting in Westport (County Mayo, Ireland) from 28th until 31st January 2019. During the sixth interregional meeting of RaiSE:

  • The consortium visited representative social enterprises of County Mayo
  • A specific seminar on financing social enterprises was held
  • There was a presentation and debate of the social enterprise situation in each region, and the gaps that exist in relation to public policies to support its competitiveness
  • A workshop was held to learn how to design the Action Plans

The Catalan group evaluated very positively the participation in the Irish meeting. They all agreed that Catalonia should be inspired by Ireland in the “community base approach”: transversal communities govern all policies in Ireland, while in Catalonia there is still a big difference between the public and the private sector. The model of “Brickens Care Home” (study visit) was seen very positive.

The Catalan Action Plan

The most crucial moment of RaiSE project is approaching: the six regional Action Plans will be presented on 18th June 2019 in Brussels. The Action Plan, defined like this,

"The Action Plan is a document prepared by each region, which explains in detail how cooperative learning will be implemented in order to improve the chosen public policy instrument. You must specify the nature of the actions, the period, the actors involved, the costs (if any) and the sources of financing (if any). "

May be inspired by:

  • The Good Practices Guide
  • The Studies about the Social Enterprises Ecosystem in each region
  • The lessons learnt in the interregional meetings
  • Phase 1 Analysis Report elaborated by the academic partner

Catalan stakeholders discussed about the first draft Action Plan, which will include actions inspired in the Irish good practice “Clann Credo” and the Swedish good practice “Partnership for Social Innovation”. Inspiration will also be taken from the seminar about public procurement and social enterprise held in Bologna, as well as the seminar about internationalising social enterprises held in Edinburgh. A preliminary Action Plan will be finished on 15th April 2019, and the final version will be submitted on 15th June 2019.

Thanks a lot, Catalan stakeholders, for your proactivity!