Sixth stakeholder group meeting in Emilia-Romagna 

The Italian stakeholder group for RaiSE celebrated the sixth meeting on 12 February 2019 in Bologna. 

Stakeholders talked about the evolution of RaiSE project, the SWOT analysis, the regional Action Plan and the next project-related events.  

Project update and progress 

  • Report "The ecosystem of social enterprises in Emilia-Romagna": the Italian version carried out within the RaiSE project has been published in the regional series and it is now available and downloadable from the Emilia-Romagna - Social Region website. 
  • Procedure for the good practices (GP) approval is going on: GP relating to Article 22 of Regional Law 17/2005 has been approved by Interreg Europe experts and published on the program platform as good practice at European level.
  • GP "Agriculture is social" and "When social networks merge with research, innovation and environmental sustainability" have been approved by the Lead Partner and are currently under evaluation.
  • Interregional project meeting (Westport, 29-30/1/2019). ERVET could not attend. Partners presented the respective political and regulatory contexts for the development of the social enterprise and worked on the definition of the Regional Action Plan. Materials will be shared.

Sharing, review and approval of the SWOT analysis

(Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats of the National al Regional Framework Conditions for Social Enterprises Development)

SWOT analysis has been discussed, revised and finally approved by participants. The document will be sent to absent stakeholders and released in the final version. 

Regional Action Plan 

Managerial skills within social enterprises have proved to be a priority for their development. The Emilia-Romagna Region, in accordance with the guidelines expressed by the Regional Labor Pact, intends to prepare a regional call to support social economy organizations’ training. The objective is to provide the managerial figures with organizational skills able to introduce product/process innovations in their social enterprises and open up to new markets increasing competitiveness. The aforementioned call will be one of the actions envisaged in the Plan. Others actions are aimed at creating value chains and networks to promote exchanges and opportunities. Moreover, it will be taken into consideration, the introduction of a reward system for enterprises with social value within the Regional Operative Plan of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Next project-related events 

  • Agorada 2019 “Exploiting the full potential of social enterprises” (Bruxelles 26/03/2019). The social cooperative “La Dolce” will participate presenting the Fragile project, carried out with the Industrial Design Faculty of the Bologna University. A general overview of the Action Plan can also be presented with particular reference to the call on which we are working.
  • Final event of the RaiSE first phase will be held in Brussels on June 18, 2019. Stakeholders are invited according to the usual modalities. The final Action Plans will be presented.

Thanks a lot, ERVET team and stakeholders, for your enthusiasm and involvement in RaiSE project!