Fifth stakeholder group meeting in Örebro county

This meeting was attended by 35 people and hosted by Miljövårdscentrum, a Swedish stakeholder. 

Mikael Norberg (Region Örebro County) briefly informed the Partnership for Social Innovation on the RaiSE project meeting in Westport.

Åsa Lindin and Josefine Eklund (Örebro county council) presented a request from the food industry in the county for the social economy to help solve ongoing issues in staffing. A group discussion on the topic was held and Örebro county council will invite interesed parties to continue the discussions in upcoming events. 

Mikael Norberg (Region Örebro county) introduced the Better Entrepreurship tool and handed out translations of the self-evaluation-questionaires along with existing policy instruments on the national and regional levels. The Partnership for Social Innovation completed the self-evaluations in groups. The results of the social enterprises can be viewed in the following diagram: 

Continuing the discussions on the state of play of the Social Economy landscape in Örebro county, the groups worked on the SWOT-analysis. The finishing touches of the SWOT-analysis was delegated to the Partnership for Social Innovation workgroup which will meet on February 20th.

The next stakeholder group meeting will take place on May 20th in Laxå.

Thank you, Swedish stakeholders, for your commitment and involvement in RaiSE project!