Fourth stakeholder group meeting in Ireland 

The Irish stakeholder group for RaiSE celebrated the fourth meeting on 10 December 2018 in Dublin. 

Update on RaiSE Project Activities

Seamus McCormack thanked everyone for participating in the afternoon’s meeting, and for all their support with the RaiSE project to-date. Current progress with the development of the new strategy on social enterprise was discussed. It is hoped that a draft policy will be completed by January 2019. This will be followed by a consultation period with a view to publication of the final policy in Q2, 2019.

Next Event – Partner Meeting in Westport – January 2019 

The next RaiSE Partner Meeting will be held in Westport on 29th to 30th January 2019, and all Stakeholders are invited to attend. An invitation is also being extended to Minister Michael Ring and to Assistant Secretary Mr. William Parnell.

a) Provision in the agenda for the opportunity for Stakeholders to present on the Policy Landscape and Gap analysis was discussed 

b) The event will also include Study Visits to a number of local social enterprises, and logistics for the meeting were discussed and the tight schedule was noted.


A future visit (2019) of contingent from Sweden was noted.

Thank you, WestBIC team and stakeholders, for your involvement and proactivity!