Fourth stakeholder group meeting in Örebro county 

This meeting was hosted by Bilda Study Association, a Swedish stakeholder.

Region Örebro County organized a stakeholder meeting (the Partnership for Social Innovation) on 19 September 2018. Approximately 25 participants from different organizations in the county took part. Susanne Lindholm, head of Bilda Study association, was hosting the meeting. I addition to discussing various activities within Bilda, the participants discussed a first draft of a forthcoming regional survey on civil society and social economy.

Anders Bro (Region Örebro County) and Åse Sundquist (Verdandi) had a presentation on the last RaiSE project meeting in Edinburgh. They also made a short summary of the Social Enterprise World Forum in Edinburgh and talked about the up-coming project meeting in Ireland 2019. The previous study visit to Ireland and Clann Credo also met a large interest. More information about it can be found here

Susanne Lindholm, from Bilda Study Association, hosted the meeting.

Thank you, Swedish stakeholders, for your commitment and involvement in RaiSE project!