RaiSE took part in 5G Citizens 2018 in Brussels 

The event, organised by Entreps on 18-19 June 2018, discussed the topic "Innovative citizens for social progress". 

RaiSE representatives from ACCIÓ (Alicia Blasco), IFKA (Maria Baracsi) and ERVET (Roberta Dall'Olio) participated in Entreps annual event, to include the important role of social enterprises in the topic "Innovative citizens for social progress". 

Entreps awards was a very good opportunity for RaiSE to communicate and disseminate all the activities that the partnership is organizing in order to enhance the competitiveness of social enterprises. It was actually a good forum to better understand the importance that EU institutions give to social enterprises, not just because they create jobs, also because they are more resilient to economic crisis. The event was hold at the heart of the Committee of Regions and social enterprises voice, as drivers of social change, was very well represented by several speakers - Alicia Blasco (ACCIÓ). 

This event was very interesting because we were discussing how women are able to change the world and how they are struggling on a daily basis. I found it especially relevant as the majority of social enterprises are led by women who were seeking new horizons and perspectives when setting up their own business. In the future, we keep on facilitating policy dialogue on social entrepreneurship and contribute to the establishment of the long-term sustainability of the sector and success of women - Maria Baracsi (IFKA). 

You can find more information about the event here: http://5gcitizens.com/