RaiSE participates in Interreg Europe Experience Fair in Sofia

Four RaiSE representatives joined Interreg Europe's annual event, which took place in Sofia (Bulgaria) on 24-25 April 2018. 

Almost 300 representatives of 1st, 2nd and 3rd call Interreg Europe projects gathered together in Sofia (Bulgaria) for the programme's annual event, named this year "Experience Fair: Journey through project implementation". During 2 days (24 & 25 April 2018), participants could exchange experiences and learn from each other. 

RaiSE representatives in the Experience Fair: Maria Baracsi (IFKA), Paula Santarén (ACCIÓ), Anders Bro & Mikael Norberg (Region Örebro County). 

The sessions that RaiSE representatives found more productive were the working sessions "mobilising stakeholders" and "transferring practices and experiences", where projects were divided into small groups to discuss a series of questions proposed by the Joint Secretariat. The four RaiSE representatives agreed that these kind of events should include more working groups sessions like those, because in them you talk about real problems that projects face in their day-to-day management and learn about real solutions implemented by other projects. 

RaiSE was invited to share tips and tricks in the interactive session "Project Management: managing the reporting". Paula Santarén (ACCIÓ) gave advice on how to monitor expenses, how to deal with overspending, underspending and budget changes, how to ensure clarity of information in progress reports and gather data from partners, how to succeed in meeting programme deadlines and how to manage reporting challenges. The attendees were very happy to hear Paula's explanations and found the examples very interesting and practical. 

Paula Santarén (ACCIÓ) sharing tips and tricks in the interactive session "Project management: managing the reporting". 

You will find all the materials of the event (presentations, pictures and conclusions) in the following link