Good Practices Guide by Centre for Social Innovation

The Methodology Guide to identify RaiSE Good Practices has been developed by RaiSE advisory partner, ZSI. 

2018 will be "the Good Practices year" in RaiSE project. This wouldn't be possible without a proper Methodology Guide that helps to select and analyse the Good Practices. RaiSE advisory partner, Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI), has developed an innovative and practical Good Practices Guide that RaiSE project partners will use to identify their Good Practices. 

The Good Practices Guide, which can be found in RaiSE website, section Library, contents the following: 

  • Introduction and aim of the good practices. 
  • The idea behind the products.
  • Selecting good practices-criteria. 
  • Methodology and key questions. 

Thank you very much, ZSI, for your excellent involvement in RaiSE project! We are lucky to have you on board!! 

For more information about RaiSE advisory partner, you can visit ZSI website