Third stakeholder group meeting in Örebro County 

The Swedish stakeholder group for RaiSE, the Partnership for Social Innovation, celebrated the third meeting on 15 February 2018 in Lindesberg Municipality. 

The main part of the meeting was used to talk about the following topics: 

  • Socially responsible procurement. 
  • Social economy as a service provider – pros and cons,
  • What practical steps can be taken to increase the use of public – social economy partnerships, strategically and within each organization.
  • What obstacles prevent this from happening already . 

Mikael Norberg (Region Örebro County) held a recap of the RaiSE project until today and made a presentation on the preliminary agenda for the Örebro meeting. We held a brief informational session on our Good Practice: the Caravan of ideas. The stakeholders were invited to participate during the upcoming RaiSE meeting in Örebro. 


Åse Sundqvist (Verdandi), Nils Varg (Karlskoga municipality) and Susanne Grundström (Hällefors folkhögskola) talked about their experiences as stakeholders during the previous meetings in Barcelona, Budapest and Bologna. 

Seminars and conversations within the procurement department at Region Örebro county has led to the formation of a course in “procurement tendering” for social economy actors that will be launching in 2018. 

Thank you, Swedish stakeholders, for your commitment and involvement in RaiSE project!